About the Journal

In our view, human development, well-being, mental health, nature, culture, and society are co-evolving systems that interact in complex and dynamic ways. We are therefore seeking new quantitative and qualitative empirical studies, comprehensive reviews and thought-provoking perspective articles inspired by theoretical or practical dilemmas, preferably in a comparative way, through individual, socio-cultural, historical, or institutional perspectives.



Letter of the Editor-in-Chief

Dear Authors, Readers, and Supporting Colleagues,

The European Journal of Mental Health was established in 2006. Semmelweis University (Budapest, Hungary) owns and supports it, and the Institute of Mental Health maintains it.

I have been the Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal of Mental Health since March 2022. The years 2022-2023 were remarkable ones in the history of our Journal. We have introduced several innovations and improvements to the way we work. The Editorial Office and the International Editorial Board have been renewed, the workflow of the Journal has been reformed, and working groups have been set up to take care of the Journal's development strategy, scientific metrics, manuscript management, science communication, PR tasks, and international relations. An interdisciplinary team of Associate Editors that is: the members of the International Editorial and Reviewer Boards help us to publish good-quality articles contributing to interdisciplinary approaches to mental health research.

From 2023, our journal publishes articles on a monthly basis, and from 2024, we expect to publish three types of articles: original empirical research, comprehensive review, and thought-provoking perspective articles. In June 2024, we launched our new website.

Please find out more about our Journal, visit our website and be part of the story! Write articles for us, contribute to the work of the International Editorial Board, and be our peer reviewer!

Have success for all of us!  
Beáta Dávid